Charter Keck Cramer Advisory offers comprehensively tailored property solutions, empowering our clients to make strategically informed transaction and development delivery decisions. 

Property advisory services we provide include:

  • End-to-end transaction advisory, including pre-sale due diligence, value analysis and consultant and agency engagement procurement 
  • Corporate property strategy to ensure maximum value is derived from real estate holdings
  • Transaction structuring including capital, development and joint venture partnership negotiations
  • Property acquisition management, including due diligence
  • Project feasibility options analysis 
  • Accommodation identification, options analysis and lease negotiation for commercial assets

An independent partner providing building development services throughout the project lifecycle, Charter Keck Cramer has vast experience assisting high end property developers.

Property development advisory services include:

  • Obtaining required approvals from State and Local Governments to commence construction
  • Securing development, operational work, building and project-specific approvals
  • Timely delivery of projects, on budget and to a high-quality standard
  • Contractor tendering, selection and management process, identifying cost savings and efficiencies where possible
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