Claudio Petrocco

Claudio Petrocco is a Director of Charter Keck Cramer, a leading Australian strategic property consulting firm and is responsible for the firm’s Government, Statutory, Education and Utilities Practice Group.  He joined Charter in 1995 and has over 20 years experience within property valuations.

Formerly with the Office of the Valuer-General, and before that with the Melbourne City Council, Claudio has extensive knowledge of Statutory legislation and valuation requirements specifically for Government and semi-Government purposes.

Since joining Charter, Claudio’s statutory property knowledge has been complemented by private sector experience giving him an all round grounding in property and real estate.  He provides expert advice on specialised properties to both public and private sector clients.

Professional Background.

Academic qualifications and relevant industry associations.

  • Bachelor of Business (Property) – RMIT.
  • Associate Australia Property Institute – AAPI – CPV.
  • Member of the API – President’s Panel for Rental Determinations.
  • Specialist Retail Valuer, Professional Certificate
  • Government and Statutory bodies.
  • Educational facilities.
  • Utilities.


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