Statutory Valuation

Charter assists land owners in reviewing valuation-based statutory assessments which form the calculation base for Council Rates, Land Tax & Stamp Duty

In the current market it has become increasingly clear that the management of statutory outgoings is critical, particularly in a market of modest rental and value growth.

Charter provides specialist valuations for rating and taxation purposes to assist owners and tenants to review valuation-based statutory assessments that are utilised to levy Rates and Land Tax.

Extensive knowledge and guidance is available through the services of our professionals, who are abundantly experienced in dealing with all classes of property and supported by a deep knowledge of legislative requirements.

The experience of our experts is fundamental to managing statutory assessments to ensure they are fair and reasonable. This assists overall property performance, improving net income returned, promoting yield enhancement and asset value.

Our services include:

  • Reviewing valuation-based statutory assessments returned for Municipal Rates & Land Tax Notices,
  • Pursuing objections and appeals with the relevant Authorities where appropriate,
  • Assistance with forward budgeting of statutory outgoings for portfolios, potential acquisitions and property redevelopments.
  • Valuations for Stamp Duty in the instance of interrelated transactions & dealings direct with the State Revenue Office.
  • Direct negotiation with Municipal and Government valuers on behalf of Clients.



Charter has a particular market specialisation in the following sectors:

Our Valuations Experts

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National Executive Director
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Claudio Petrocco

Executive Director
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David Morton

National Executive Director
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