Rental Assessment

Charter provide substantiated opinions of market rental value to lessees and lessors who require rent review advice and assessments for rental negotiations, determinations and commercial lease agreement renewals.

Charter’s professionals have a detailed understanding of the market review process within commercial lease agreements and as independent advisors we provide a substantiated opinion of market rental value.

Leases vary significantly in terms and conditions and can be complex and at times deliberately worded in favour of one party. Consequently, not just a legal review but an expert real estate analysis can be critical to negotiating fair terms.

For lessee (tenant) or lessor (landlord) the engagement of an experienced specialist valuer to analyse, advise and represent on your behalf can save significant margins and avoid vulnerability to predatory terms and conditions.

Review formulas, incentives, rent free periods, contributions to fit out, make good,  outgoings and maintenance are all matters for careful consideration and complete understanding.

Make good and repair or reinstatement can be a huge expense to vacating lessees but are foreseeable items that can be managed to mitigate cost with the right advice.


Charter’s range of market specialisation is extensive:

Our Valuations Experts

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