Family Law Valuation

Charter is a leading provider of Valuation services in Australia, with over 40 years experience providing independent and accurate Valuations you can trust that you’re in a safe pair of hands with your property or property portfolio.


Charter has 12 specialist property valuation teams with 70 fully accredited valuers having an average of 16 years experience.

Impartial and objective, Charter’s experienced Valuers can Value property across a broad range of asset classes in an accurate and timely way whilst understanding their duties to the Court under the Family Law Rules 2004 and the Federal Circuit Court of Australia Rules.

Family Law Valuations are required during what can be a conflicting time for families, as such Charter’s market knowledge, independence, and impartiality is a valuable asset during this transition phase.

Shane Close
Executive Director
Our Family Law Valuation Experts

Shane Close

Executive Director
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Craig Kilby

Executive Director
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Scott Keck

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Michael McClifty

National Director
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Andrew Binney

National Director
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Shaun Golden

National Director
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