Construction Valuation

For Clients seeking a valuation for construction finance we produce industry leading valuations for development funding, acquisition purposes or GST base taxation estimates

To ensure our Clients are sufficiently informed to make the most intelligent decision about their project, our accredited, experienced & independent valuers impart only the highest quality advice and guidance.

Charter valuers give detailed consideration to all aspects of the development process paying particular attention to construction lead times and sell down periods as we understand these differ between residential, commercial, retail, industrial and hospitality projects.

Our valuers can provide expert advice at any stage of the development process; be it for construction finance or at the initial acquisition stage, at the rezoning and development stages, before detailed costings are available or later once approvals are obtained and plans are available.



Our forty years of experience in valuation for construction purposes extends to the following markets:




Charter provides a full suite of services for Developers covering the entire property development cycle. Discover how we can maximise commercial outcomes on your development project:

Our Valuations Experts

Anthony Rohan

Executive Director
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Craig Kilby

Executive Director
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Bradley Papworth

National Executive Director
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David Morton

National Executive Director
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Bernard Cussen

National Executive Director
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Andrew Binney

National Director
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Michael McClifty

National Director
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Shane Close

Executive Director
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Louis Megas

Executive Director
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Anthony Witton

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Gerard Righetti

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Shaun Golden

National Director
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Gives you the insight you need to capture growth opportunities.


Minimise your risk by understanding the true value of your property.


Facilitate the delivery of the property projects that define Australia's built environment.


Identify unique markets through analysis of data and information