Compensation Valuation

Our experts have extensive knowledge of statutory legislation and valuation requirements for compulsory acquisition and compensation purposes in accordance with State or Commonwealth legislation.

Charter provides valuation advice for purposes including acquisitions for roads, transmission line easements, pipelines, rail corridors or public infrastructure such as power stations and sewerage and water treatment plants.

For such matters an in-depth knowledge of legislation and valuation requirements specifically for Government and semi-Government groups is imperative, in addition to having a comprehensive understanding of the Office of the Valuer-General’s requirements and those of the Victorian Government Land Monitor.

Charter’s experts have extensive experience in this area and can point to an impressive list of successful engagements.

Whether it is a partial, total, easement or another interest, our acquisition experts are specialised and experienced.

Our experts operate with the knowledge that consideration must be given to the market value of the land taken (part or whole) as well as the impact on remaining lands (injurious affection) and matters such as severance and direct pecuniary loan/disturbance.



Our Valuations Experts

Claudio Petrocco

Executive Director
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Bradley Papworth

National Executive Director
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Michael McClifty

National Director
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Andrew Binney

National Director
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Shaun Golden

Managing Director | Queensland
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