Business Valuation

For business owners who require a comprehensive business valuation, Charter offers specialists who can provide advice and valuations across a wide range sectors, businesses and purposes.


Charter’s specialists gain a thorough understanding of the business operation through the analysis of financial statements, trading history, profitability and thorough in depth discussion with the business proprietor.

We give accurate and reliable advice by providing an individual, tailored approach across a wide range of small to medium business classes to suit a variety of purposes.

Our Valuers’ understand it is also important to recognise the stability of the business through its trading history and its ability to maintain income and profitability, together with the security of tenure and varying lease conditions.

Charter has four decades of experience in providing accurate assessments of fair market value to a range of small to medium sized businesses.

Charter’s particular specialisations include:

  • Child Care Centres (freehold and business)
  • Real Estate Agency Rent Rolls
  • Hotels/Pubs
  • Gaming venues
  • Motels
  • Serviced apartments
  • Backpacker accommodation
Our Valuations Experts

Martyn Boyle

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Michael McClifty

National Director
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Tony Close

National Director
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