Urban Economics & Policy

Charter offers a unique perspective on urban development and strategic land use planning through our understanding of the property industry’s role in delivering economically sustainable development to support the needs of residents, businesses and investors.

For State and Local government authorities Charter offers a unique approach to land use planning based upon economic analysis, property market research and evidence-based analysis of the feasibility of development options.

Our intelligence delivers a balanced approach to strategic land use planning issues that recognises the need for commercially implementable strategies to support urban development objectives and outcomes.

We assist Clients to achieve planning objectives by devising strategies that reflect the capacity of the development industry to play a role in maintaining and creating vibrant spaces that meet the needs of the community, support employment opportunities and attract ongoing investment in the urban form.

Charter has been actively involved in a range of strategic land use studies across activity centres, industrial areas and urban renewal locations either as a member of a multidisciplinary project team or in a stand-alone capacity.

Clients directly benefit from our capacity to assess issues quickly and effectively through drawing upon our internal expertise a cross a wide range of sectors and professional disciplines to provide timely direction for projects.

We assist Clients with:

  • Strategic Land Use Planning
  • Retail Assessments
  • Activity Centre Strategies
  • Urban Renewal Strategies
  • Industrial Strategies
  • Economic Development Strategies
  • Economic Impact Assessments
  • Expert Evidence



Discover more about how Charter’s range of services can help you to solve your planning challenges:



Activity Centre Strategies

  • Wallan Structure Plan – Activity Centre and Employment Study
  • Glen Waverley Structure Plan – Economic Assessment
  • Hampton East Structure Plan – Economic Analysis
  • Proposed Acland Street Conversion – Economic and Business Impact Assessment
  • Glen Waverley Masterplan: Economic and Market Analysis
  • Frankston Health and Education Precinct Land Use and Built Form Strategy – Market Assessment
  • Southland Principal Activity Area – Market Assessment
  • Newport Activity Centre Structure Plan: Economic and Market Feasibility Assessment
  • Moorabbin Station Precinct Study: Market Analysis
  • Frankston Activities Area Structure Plan – Market Feasibility Study
  • Glen Waverley Structure Plan – Economic Assessment
  • Box Hill Central Activities District – Market Demand Assessment

Industrial Strategies

  • Green Business Attraction Strategy
  • Monash Industrial Land Use Strategy
  • Brunswick Core Industrial and Employment Precinct – Property and Investment Analysis
  • Industrial Land Supply Study
  • Brimbank Industrial Areas Strategy
  • Fisherman’s Bend Economic and Planning Strategy

Residential Assessments

  • Property Impact of New Residential Zones (DTPL)
  • Market Analysis of Different Types of Housing in Darebin

Market Analysis and Advisory

  • Sunshine Market Analysis and Project Advisory
  • Hampton Station Market Analysis and Highest and Best Use Assessment
  • Burke Road Activity Centre Market Analysis

Our Research and Strategy Experts

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National Director
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Simon Micmacher

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Jonathan Mayes

Senior Analyst
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