Project Management

Charter’s full-service development team provides more than just services during construction. We can project manage the entire development process from initiation through to completion.

Our experience and combined property intelligence enables us to take a holistic view of the needs of the entire development, rather than just the individual components.

Seeing the big picture rather than focusing on one piece of the puzzle means we can mitigate construction cost risk and create real time and cost savings for Clients through our uniquely integrated approach to delivering development projects.

Our experience and attention to detail ensures risks are identified and managed and that the most appropriate project delivery and construction management methods are selected and implemented.



Charter Project Management services focus on project initiation, obtaining statutory approvals and managing the construction phase for Clients.

Project Initiation

  • Programming – preparation of master control and construction programmes.
  • Preparation of a project development budget.
  • Client representation including project monitoring and auditing throughout a project.
  • Undertake building audits, due diligence and evaluations.


  • Facilitation of project planning workshops.
  • Consultant team selection and management.
  • Master planning and concept analysis.
  • Planning and authority’s management, compliance and approvals coordination.
  • Community consultation and public relations.

Design Management

  • Review of design against project feasibility.
  • Value management and design review.
  • Coordination of contract documentation.


  • Review and critique of marketing plans.
  • Commission the necessary strategic and/or sector specific research to support the development.
  • Review and appoint appropriate and specialist leasing/sales agents.
  • Leasing and sales coordination.
  • Management of marketing and sales teams.
  • Manage direct lease negotiation with major tenants.
  • Tenancy coordination and management.


  • Tender management, assessment, selection and appointment.
  • Quality control management.
  • Tenancy fit-out coordination.
  • Quality assurance, risk assessment and management.
  • Mediation and negotiation with appointed contractor during construction.
  • Contract administration.
  • Project cost control

Post-Construction Completion

  • Project completion and hand over.
  • Post-occupancy evaluation.
  • Management of defects.


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Our Projects Experts

Edmund D’Cruz

National Executive Director - Quantity Surveying and Project Management
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Chris Valcanas

Director - Project Management
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