Land Surveying

Charter Land Surveying provides a complete range of specialist surveying services across all sectors of the property market, leveraging the knowledge and intelligence of our interdisciplinary practice at every step of the way.


Charter Land Surveying provides a complete range of surveying services across all sectors of the property market.  With over 30 years’ experience in land development and subdivisions, we provide our clients with quality advice and focus on delivering time and cost savings.  This focus is applied across all our projects – from title re-establishments to complex apartment and land developments.

Our experts offer more than your average Land Surveying business, leveraging the knowledge and experience of our interdisciplinary practice to deliver unique solutions within development projects.

Through working with the other advisory business units, Charter Land Surveying understand the over-riding commercial factors on development projects.  With this understanding we focus on managing applications and statutory requirements to align with the contractual and financial time frames of any given project.

We use the latest surveying and plan presentation techniques to assist in the design of large and small scale projects, providing a solid foundation for other consultants, such as architects, planners and engineers, to be in a position to provide greater certainty to development costs.


Charter Land Surveying provides a wide variety of services to suit all development projects.


  • Single or multi stage land subdivisions.
  • In-fill medium density developments.
  • Proposed or existing low, medium or high rise building subdivisions.
  • Mixed use developments.
  • Applying the relevant legislation to deliver solutions regarding air rights, access rights and body corporates.

Land Tenure

We provide a full range of surveying services to identify and resolve all Land Tenure issues, including:

  • Title re establishment.
  • Title boundary amendments.
  • Adverse possession.
  • General law conversion.
  • Consolidation.
  • Easements.
  • Covenants.
  • Restrictions.

Due Diligence

We provide pre-purchase or pre-sale due diligence surveys of title boundaries, floor areas and any other areas of particular concern within our sphere of operation.

Underground Services Location and Asset Recording

Using a combination of the latest surveying techniques and underground radio detection devices Charter can provide the location and depth of a range of services, including:

  • Water supply.
  • Drainage.
  • Gas supply.
  • Electrical conduits.
  • Telecommunication conduits.
  • As constructed surveys of new drainage and road infrastructure to DSPEC and RSPEC requirements.

Topographic, Engineering and Construction Surveys

We provide feature and level (Topographic) surveys for:

  • Town planning and ResCode.
  • Architectural design.
  • Civil engineering design.
  • Road and infrastructure design and development.
  • Building and construction.

To aid the successful and timely construction and delivery of projects we offer:

  • Gridline and building line set outs.
  • Pipeline set outs for sewer and water.
  • General set outs to support construction.

Tenancy and Floor Areas

Charter experts determine these in accordance with the Property Council of Australia Guidelines (former B.O.M.A.) or any specific method applicable to your circumstance.


Discover more about how Charter’s suite of services can help you to mitigate project risk and maximise project returns:

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