Development Strategy

Property is one of the smartest ways to invest your money. Charter’s unparalleled market research and industry knowledge ensures you implement the most intelligent development strategy.

Engaging an expert to design and implement a development strategy for your project is the most intelligent decision you will make prior to construction. For our clients, we propose and employ the ultimate solution available to reduce costs, time and risk to accelerate your return on investment.

Whether your focus is small to medium scale development, large master planned communities, 200+ high density apartment towers or complex commercial projects, our experts will provide invaluable market insight and advice, including:

  • Master plan design concept review.
  • Market context and detailed supply and demand analysis.
  • Analysis of the landscape and a benchmark of your project against competing projects in the planning or construction stages.
  • Product and pricing strategy recommendations and options.
  • Marketing strategy and the realities of execution in an increasingly complex marketplace.
  • Strategic planning and delivery to market strategy.
  • Site acquisition strategy and due diligence.

Property development can be low risk and high return if you have the right partner guiding you. At Charter, we make the complex simple.


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Our Projects Experts

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Director - Project Management
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