Civil Engineering

Charter Civil Engineering provides a complete range of specialist civil and urban infrastructure services across the full land development cycle from initial feasibility to delivery.

Our clients receive civil engineering solutions that are practical, economical, environmentally sustainable, compliant and ultimately, intelligent.  Providing civil engineering solutions to financiers, local councils, water authorities and private sector developers for over a decade, our solutions are industry preferred. Utilising the latest in three-dimensional modelling techniques in the design of road, drainage and utility services, we deliver greater certainty to development costs and ensure both large and small-scale projects and urban infrastructure consultancy receive appropriate due diligence. A key focus of our project delivery is service excellence, provided through close attention to relationship management and efficient communication. Whether you are contemplating a project or you are already committed, Charter’s Civil Engineering will ensure your development reaches its full potential.

When engaged in conjunction with our Land Surveying team, Charter delivers Developers time and cost savings by working together in a seamless approach that proactively reveals and resolves potential issues and delays.


Minns Road
413-439 Minns Road, Kurunjang
Design and construction auditing of 106 lot development. Minns Road intersection and road culvert crossing of Little Blind Creek. Water Quality Control through Detention basin
Client: Adam Cole – AWC Property Development
Status/Completion Date: Est completion Dec 2020
Size ($):$6.5 Million
Verdant hill
NH01 Verdant Hill, Tarneit
Stages 1-6 Subdivision. Civil Engineering design and construction auditing of 231 lot development.
Client: Samuel Chong – LLT Development
Status/Completion Date: Completed on July 2019
Size ($):$14.4 Million 
South morang
360 McDonalds Road, South Morang
Civil Engineering design and contract administration for 239 residential lot development
Client: Tom Maidment – Canberra Estates Consortium No. 61 P
Status/Completion Date: Under Construction
Size ($):$7.5 Million
Collard Rise
Collard Rise
Civil Engineering design and contract administration of construction contract for Stage 1 – 4, 55 lot subdivision
Client: Jack Di Natale – Diamond Valley View Pty Ltd
Status/Completion Date: May 2018
Size ($):$3.5 Million
Chirnside Park
Eastridge, 266-268 Maroondah Highway, Chirnside Park (sewer)
Civil Engineering and Construction audit services for water and sewer service extensions and alteration to complete the commercial subdivision of Eastridge Estate in Chirnside Park.Works involved establishing existing services and providing new servicing to deliver services for the new Kaufland supermarket and proposed future townhouse, commercial and apartment sites.
Client: Rod Speakman -KFT Investments
Status/Completion Date: September 2019
Size ($): $850,000
60A Eaststone Avenue, Wollert
Civil Engineering design and construction management services for the delivery of 114 townhouses and the surrounding council roads, outfall drainage and outfall sewerage to service the development.Charter Civil Engineering have worked closely with the Oreana Projects team to deliver an optimal infrastructure solution that interfaces with the existing surrounding infrastructure.
Client: John Gibson – Oreana Property Group/JG Solutions
Status/Completion Date: Ongoing
Size ($):$3.4 Million


Charter Civil Engineering provide the following project services to Clients which include financiers, local councils, water authorities and both small and large private sector developers.

Land Development Planning

  • Preliminary Layout
  • Existing services investigations (sewer, water, drainage, electricity, gas and Telstra).
  • Negotiation with service authorities, councils, stakeholders and other parties.
  • Advice on the costs and charges required to be paid to authorities for service provision and release of their requirements.
  • Preparation of a development cost estimate.
  • Project related land assessments incorporating development costs and allotment realisations.

Engineering Design and Management

  • Preparation of design management plan and design program.
  • Preparation and submission of applications for conditions to the statutory authorities.
  • Preliminary plans through to full documented designs plans for construction for:
  • Multi-unit developments.
  • Large scale subdivisions.
  • Water authority sewer and water main extensions, realignments and upsizings.
  • Council stormwater drainage plans and computations.
  • Car park design.
  • Road design.

Contract Administration

  • Contract tendering and negotiation.
  • Progress claims for appointed contractor.
  • Variations assessments.
  • Extension of time claims.
  • Requests for information.
  • Progressive work inspections as required, including attending site meetings.
  • Authority inspections and approvals.
  • Final Inspection of civil works, including co-ordination of service authority sign-offs to facilitate required releases and title issue.
  • Managing defects liability period and inspection of repairs and maintenance as required.
  • Project cost monitoring – assessments of contract variations and claims, including progress claim reports.

Land Development Management

  • Subdivision planning.
  • Council and authority negotiation and approvals.
  • Finance procurement.
  • Financial and project control group reporting.
  • Administering estate encumbrances including covenants, design guidelines and built form.
  • Construction and landscape management.
  • End of defects liability management.
  • Sales and marketing management.
  • Owners corporation liaison.


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