Transaction Structuring & Divestment Management

Charter Keck Cramer have successfully managed the Transaction Structuring & Divestment of over $1.5 billion in industrial, commercial, retail and residential property.   As your independent advisors we manage a rigorous process deriving the ultimate benefit of maximising return and minimising risk.

With a superior level of expertise, we understand the inherent value of assets and how to expertly navigate the process to unlocking capital and realising the full potential for our clients, whilst providing the highest level of governance possible. As your independent advisor we avoid conflicts of interest and deliver a true value for money service.

Transaction Structuring

Often projects are presented to us that involve negotiating joint venture agreements for partial or full development or alternatively assessing and ultimately negotiating co-investment positions for clients.

Our team has years of experience in this specialised field and have delivered these services across core property classes of commercial, industrial, retail, residential and hospitality.

Divestment Management

This craft has been finely tuned over 15 years involving some 300 + properties nationally, and international engagements into North America and Europe. This end to end business model includes the following services:

  • Assessment and understanding of property value and value uplift opportunities;
  • Formal business case preparation;
  • Transaction structuring and divestment strategies;
  • Pre-sale due diligence;
  • Marketing campaign management;
  • Negotiation;
  • Post sale and settlement management.

Successful transaction management requires careful planning at every step of the way: from business case, negotiating joint ventures or providing co-investment opportunities, preparing a site for sale and appointing the best marketing agent, to selecting the optimum sales method and strategy.

At every step, our interest is accelerating your success.


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