Corporate Property Strategy

Charter Keck Cramer will help you develop a strong property portfolio strategy through an in-depth & independent review of your assets, ensuring you get the best value from your investments.

Changing economic conditions and priorities often mean that property and assets become misaligned with strategic business objectives.

Our Property Advisory team can deliver the following for your property portfolio strategy:

  • A comprehensive review of assets to understand their value, strengths, opportunities and shortcomings.
  • A clear articulation of the strategies available to you to achieve and maintain a property or portfolio of maximum efficiency, capable of meeting the medium to longer term requirements of your organisation.
  • An independent, focused and fully informed set of specific property recommendations as to how to implement these strategies to satisfy your objectives.


Our dedicated and experienced team apply our expert property knowledge to your portfolio or property through a combination of some or all of the following:

  • A thorough review of all property related information.
  • An investigation of relevant market dynamics, analysis of planning issues and independent value assessments of your portfolio or property.
  • Identification of opportunities to achieve your objectives.
  • An assessment as to whether the portfolio is able to deliver its intended objectives.
  • Financial modelling and quantification of the size of potential opportunities including costs and projected returns.
  • Strategic divestment and leasing advice and transaction structuring.
  • Identification of the process, likely budgets and time frames required to execute the strategy.


Discover more about how Charter Keck Cramer’s suite of property services and how we can help you to identify and unlock hidden equity and value:

Our Advisory Experts

Nick Ashton

Managing Director | Victoria
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Steve Kingston

National Director
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