Project Feasibility

Identifying the most appropriate use for your property, and then assessing its true market value represents the foundation for well informed property decisions. At Charter, we impart this knowledge to you and ensure that it aligns with your strategic objective.

We are ‘best in class’ in highest and best use analysis including development feasibility, financial analysis and full business case preparation to provide knowledge to ensure our clients make sound land use planning and development decisions. We provide:

  • Clarity – on your best course of action to provide you with clear understanding of the true development potential of your property. This includes associated product mix, pricing and cost recommendations that translate into a maximum return on investment.
  • Certainty – a thorough analysis of your development options from a planning, design, delivery, timing and risk perspective will ensure the final recommended option is the most intelligent solution for your situation.
  • Confidence – Detailed financial feasibilities for all available options allow you to make a fully informed decision with confidence. We provide you with the framework and critical inputs for you to complete your business case.


To determine the optimum use for your property, our service includes:

  • Project considerations & recommendations – including composition and product mix recommendations for architect briefs.
  • Development Concepts & Masterplanning – A Masterplan concept scheme acts as a tool for the demonstration of the scale and mix of a single or a range of development options for your property.
  • Market Research – An appropriate Masterplan can only be achieved through an explicit understanding of market conditions. We leverage insight from our Research and Valuation experts to provide you with strategic understanding of relevant market dynamics. To do this we conduct detailed SWOT analysis for each nominated use (i.e. Residential apartments, Hotel, Serviced Apartments, Retail, and Office) and detailed Supply & Demand analysis for each nominated use.
  • Valuation Advice – we provide anticipated upon completion values to inform the feasibility. Our valuations are benchmarked against comparable developments in the area and provide a view on forecast sales rates, project staging and timing.
  • Feasibility – based on the Masterplan concept we develop a detailed feasibility analysis to test the financial viability of the proposed project. This includes gross realisation assessment, sales cost and development cost analysis and property risk considerations to test for project internal rate of return and development profit.


Our Advisory Experts

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Managing Director | New South Wales
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National Director
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