Acquisition Advisory

There is considerable financial and strategic benefit to be gained from an acquisition process when due diligence is expertly deployed. Charter delivers immediate analysis of key issues; negotiating and prioritising expertly, to provide you with the competitive edge.

Engaging Charter to perform due diligence and manage the acquisition process has a number of key benefits:

  • Identification of all options available  in the market – we are uniquely placed to identify and evaluate all options on or off the market that meet your specific requirements due to our Research capabilities and market knowledge.
  • Strategic recommendations on priority sites – based on our market knowledge we will deliver you specific recommendations to target certain property/properties and  design and implement strategies for acquisition.
  • Superior negotiation skills – Charter has acted as transaction manager on $1.5 billion of real estate and over $850 million in acquisitions.
  • Independence –Charter’s independence ensures your best interests are protected at all times. We ensure there are no conflicts of interest.
  • Significant time savings for management – Our dedication allows management and/or landowners to continue to focus on their core business activities.

Charter has secured over $850 million in acquisitions for Clients and acted as transaction manager on $1.5 billion of real estate.

Our service includes:

  • Market investigation – we take the time to truly understand your investment objectives and scrutinise the entire property market (listed and unlisted) to identify a short list of properties that align with your strategy.
  • Pre-purchase due diligence – We work with and manage teams of sub consultants to identify and mitigate risk prior to acquisition.
  • Site Acquisition – we manage all aspects of the acquisition process as your guardian and lead negotiator.
  • Post Sale & Settlement – in instances where transactions are subject to conditions, Charter ensures purchaser and vendor obligations under the sales contract are met and that settlement is achieved.
  • Deal formation – often acquisition enquiry leads to co-investment and joint venture opportunities. Our team is very experienced in deal structuring and will ensure you achieve the best financial result.



Our Advisory Experts

Bennett Wulff

Managing Director | New South Wales
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An investment led, highly specialised, independent service.


Gives you the insight you need to capture growth opportunities.


Minimise your risk by understanding the true value of your property.


Facilitate the delivery of the property projects that define Australia's built environment.

Research & Strategy

Identify unique markets through analysis of data and information.