Infrastructure & Utilities

Charter is dedicated to delivering infrastructure solutions that maintain and improve the livability and productivity of our communities.

Critical infrastructure projects will help unleash the productivity potential of Australia’s cities – the powerhouses of the economy.

Charter’s range of advisory and research services assist clients to understand the opportunities that lay between changes in transport infrastructure and property development.

Our experts provide the following services:

  • Analysis of existing market dynamics
  • Value uplift from new infrastructure investment
  • Quantification of property development benefits
  • Advice in relation to delivery strategies and timing
  • Development strategy and construction management



Our infrastructure and utility specialisation extends across the following services for Government, Investors, Developers and Institutions:


Our Specialised Experts

Claudio Petrocco

Executive Director
1300 242 787 CV

Edmund D’Cruz

National Executive Director - Quantity Surveying and Project Management
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An investment led, highly specialised, independent service.


Gives you the insight you need to capture growth opportunities.


Minimise your risk by understanding the true value of your property.


Facilitate the delivery of the property projects that define Australia's built environment.

Research & Strategy

Identify unique markets through analysis of data and information.