Hospitality & Leisure

From pubs to serviced apartments and golf courses, Charter’s specialist intelligence covers a diverse range of licensed and unlicensed properties and businesses.


The hospitality and tourism sector encompasses a diverse range of both licensed and un-licensed property and business segments. These extend from the small local traditional hotel (pub) to the modern comprehensive gaming/entertainment hotel facility; from the bed and breakfast motel to a five star CBD hotel, and from a basic Council owned leasehold caravan park to a coastal holiday resort style park.

Whether as a “going concern”, freehold investment or leasehold business interest, each segment requires an individual, tailored approach to attain the necessary understanding of the respective property/business, to enable the provision of accurate and reliable advice.

At Charter, our dedicated Hospitality & Tourism experts are highly qualified specialists who have significant expertise and a broad understanding of the strategic, operational and other associated aspects of the industry.

The practice group provides professional advice and services to a number of major hospitality and tourism businesses across Australia. Including:

  • Hotels/Pubs
  • Gaming venues
  • Clubs
  • Motels
  • Serviced apartments
  • Backpacker accommodation
  • Caravan Parks
  • Golf courses


Charter can provide an integrated property solution for your Hospitality & Leisure businesses & property:


Our Specialised Experts

Tony Close

National Director
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Erin Turner

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Bradley Papworth

National Executive Director
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Edmund D’Cruz

National Executive Director - Quantity Surveying and Project Management
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