Charter’s unique diversification allows us to undertake highly specialised assignments for all levels of Government and semi-Government bodies.

Our deep understanding of the linkages between planning policy, property markets & the development industry puts us in a unique position to help provide strategy Advisory and Research services to help solve complex planning & policy challenges.

A trusted advisor, Charter delivers property solutions to all state, territory and federal governments, across all departments including health, education, taxation, defence, employment and workplace relations, justice and transport. We also provide our expertise at a Local Council level.

Charter professionals possess a deep knowledge of the legislation and valuation requirements specifically for the public sector. This is supported by a practiced understanding of the Valuer-General’s requirements and those of the Victorian Government Land Monitor through our long service.

We provide valuation advice to freehold and leasehold assessments for both sale and purchase by various Government departments, statutory groups, utility providers and emergency services.

Our valuation specialisations includes:

  • Freehold valuations of properties for sale & purchase
  • Financial Reporting valuations
  • Ground rentals (eg: marinas, sea beds, golf courses, fixed rail & port complexes)
  • Air & subterranean rights
  • Specialised Freehold Rentals (eg: educational complexes, golf courses, swimming pools/recreational facilities)
  • Going Concern & Alternative Use Value of Educational / Institutional Complexes
  • Compulsory Acquisition & Compensation Assessments



Our services & intelligence can be combined to deliver a integrated solution to your property needs:



Our Specialised Experts

Claudio Petrocco

Executive Director
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Ivan Lam

Head of International Business
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Doug Lane

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Gavan Bourke

Senior Consultant
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Laurie Tomaino

National Director
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Bennett Wulff

National Executive Director
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Andrew Grant

National Executive Director
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Rob Burgess

National Director
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