Education & Child Care

For higher education institutions and child care facilities Charter’s range of advisory, valuation and project services assist our Clients with strategic planning, accommodation solutions and the execution of expansion plans

Changing economic & policy circumstances often result in the property assets of universities, TAFEs and schools becoming misaligned with strategic objectives or operational realities.

Charter’s range of Advisory & Project services can improve the performance of property by:

  • unlocking inefficient capital from the balance sheet for re investment into core activities
  • developing accommodation strategies and assisting with the development and execution of expansion plans

Our Valuation experts have significant expertise and an understanding of the strategic and operational aspects of the Child Care Valuation sector in particular. We provide specialist educational complex valuation advice on:

  • Specialised Freehold
  • Going Concern
  • Alternative Use Value
  • Needs Assessment

Investing in child care properties begins with a detailed understanding of the local demographic and market dynamics.  We provide best practice due diligence for your next child care investment.  Our rigorous analysis reduces risk of building in an ‘over-supplied’ area, by providing clarity on the supply and demand fundamentals.  We provide Child Care Market Assessment Reports to ensure the best outcome for your child care project.

Click here for more information on Child Care Needs Assessments. 



Our services & intelligence in the education and child care markets can be combined to deliver a integrated solution to your property needs:

Our Specialised Experts

Martyn Boyle

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Bennett Wulff

Managing Director | New South Wales
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Edmund D’Cruz

National Executive Director - Quantity Surveying and Project Management
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