Charter is an industry leader in the Australian residential property market with over forty years experience in delivering integrated property solutions across all sectors of the residential market.


Charter’s expert coverage of the residential market is extensive. We have dedicated experts focusing on all residential sub-markets and provide our Clients with specialist intelligence on medium and high density townhouse and apartment projects, student accommodation, new community developments, public housing and retirement living.



Established housing

Our residential experts were pioneers in the development of innovative solutions to the residential mortgage valuations sector with our strong team of senior valuers focused within specific locations, operating with a high degree of local knowledge.

Prestige housing

With a wealth of experience in the prestige sector, the ability of our experts is unparalleled, providing valuation advice on prestige properties to some of Australia’s most influential commercial and political leaders. Click here to find out more.

Apartment and Townhouse projects

Charter experts are at the cutting edge of research, advisory, valuation and development services for the delivery of new projects. Click here to find out more.

Greenfield Residential Projects

We work with Clients to enhance developments of new residential communities to their full potential. Click here to find out more.



Leverage our experience to realise the full potential of your property:

Andrew Grant
National Executive Director
Edmund D’Cruz
National Executive Director - Quantity Surveying and Project Management
Our Residential Experts

Andrew Grant

National Executive Director
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Edmund D’Cruz

National Executive Director - Quantity Surveying and Project Management
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Michael Allsopp

Associate Director
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Anthony Rohan

Executive Director
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Bradley Papworth

National Executive Director
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Peter Hutchins

Managing Director
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Craig Kilby

Executive Director
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Gerard Righetti

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Louis Megas

Executive Director
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