Mixed Use

Charter’s multi-disciplinary expertise across the office, retail, industrial, residential & specialised markets means we can bring the right people together to help tackle the intricacies of mixed use urban regeneration

Our unique range of Advisory, Research, Valuations & Projects experience gives us a deep insight not only into places and how people use them, but the way multiple uses can complement one another to achieve optimal financial, environmental and social built form outcomes.

Whether you are planning a high street development or a master planned community, Charter’s range of strategic and technical delivery services covering the full project life cycle can help to create more exciting places in which to work, live and play.



Discover how our range of Advisory, Valuation & Project services can maxmise commercial outcomes for your mixed use project:


Our Commercial Experts

Edmund D’Cruz

National Executive Director - Quantity Surveying and Project Management
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David Morton

National Executive Director
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Bernard Cussen

National Executive Director
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Shane Close

Executive Director
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Peter Hutchins

Chief Executive
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An investment led, highly specialised, independent service.


Gives you the insight you need to capture growth opportunities.


Minimise your risk by understanding the true value of your property.


Facilitate the delivery of the property projects that define Australia's built environment.

Research & Strategy

Identify unique markets through analysis of data and information.