Our multi-disciplinary team of industrial market experts help Clients identify and take advantage of opportunities in this constantly evolving market to better meet their changing needs

Charter provides a range of integrated property Advisory, Valuations & Project solutions to assist Client’s achieve their strategic business objectives through maxmising industrial property outcomes.

Our team is active across the entire metropolitan landscape, from small to medium size industrial users in the inner suburbs, to the largest Corporate occupiers in industrial estates. Our experts specialise in all forms of industrial properties with  particular focus on:

  • Corporate and industrial parks
  • Distribution centres & warehouses
  • Hi-tech industrial buildings
  • Industrial development sites
  • Manufacturing premises
  • Food processing premises
  • Strata titled units
  • Cold storage premises
  • Petrol service stations




Discover how our range of Advisory, Valuation & Project services can maxmise commercial outcomes for your industrial property:


Our Commercial Experts

Anthony Witton

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David Morton

National Executive Director
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An investment led, highly specialised, independent service.


Gives you the insight you need to capture growth opportunities.


Minimise your risk by understanding the true value of your property.


Facilitate the delivery of the property projects that define Australia's built environment.

Research & Strategy

Identify unique markets through analysis of data and information.