Woolworths Brighton SA | Project Management

Property Background
A privately-owned site located within the seaside town of Brighton, South Australia.

Project Team

  • Developer: Sypau Pty Ltd
  • Builder: Badge Construction
  • Architect Brown Falconer

 Key Construction Facts

  • $11M contract value
  • New Woolworths Supermarket including loading dock and plant, 3,820m2
  • Under croft carpark
  • Title Consolidation
  • Environmental remediation
  • Completed March 2019

Charter Keck Cramer’s Role & Project Outcome

  • Charter was engaged as Project Manager under a Development Management Agreement (DMA) between Woolworths and its Landlord.
  • Charter services included management of the agreement between the DMA parties, ensuring their compliance with DMA obligations;
  • Charter’s services included:
    – DMA reporting – budgets, costs to date, programme, authorities, safety.
    – Council and Authorities liaison;
    – Tender;
    – Construction & contract superintendence;
  • The project was completed on time and under budget to the satisfaction of the DMA parties.