Introducing Ivan Lam

Following my recent appointment as Executive Manager - ASEAN Regions/ China at Charter Keck Cramer, based in the Melbourne Head Office, I take this opportunity to introduce myself and provide you a brief summary of my background and role.

Briefly, I am of Chinese heritage, born in Hong Kong, and raised and educated in Australia. I spent eight years in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Shanghai and Beijing before returning to Australia and have worked at two major Australian financial institutions before joining Charter Keck Cramer.  I hold an Electrical & Electronic Engineering Degree from The University of Adelaide and a Masters Degree in Applied Finance from Macquarie University.

Over many years, Charter has had a very strong Asian focus, and has many clients who are Australian residents of Asian heritage and employs a number of staff of Asian heritage, but is also substantially increasing its engagement with Asian clients still based overseas through the ASEAN Regions and China.  Accordingly and to provide the strongest possible liaison, professional focus and respect for the relationship between Charter and its Asian clients, I have been appointed to my new role with these responsibilities.

Primarily, my main focus is to ensure that Australia bound investment into the property markets from the entire Asian region is offered the opportunity of convenient engagement with highly skilled, objective, experienced and cost effective professional resources to assist in their investment process and strongly guard their ultimate investment.

As with lawyers and accountants, we at Charter are also the provider of professional services around property related matters and are increasingly engaged in providing objective, independent (non-Agency) advice to arriving clients, whether their need be in relation to direct property acquisition, project development, equity investment, or providers of finance.  Through our multi-divisional professional services, we provide a range of very relevant pre-purchase services, including financial analysis and projections, reports as to current value and for mortgage purposes, Project Management, and Quantity and Land Survey Services extending to Civil Engineering.  We have a vast nationwide data base and can very quickly obtain full and reliable information to assist with an accurate, speedy due diligence.

We have noted that there can be a degree of inexperience, misunderstanding of market protocols or lack of crucial information by investors new to Australia and as a non-Agency, objective consultant, we can be engaged by clients’ associated accountants or solicitors, to be their “guardian” and to ensure that their ultimate decision is soundly based.  Sadly, there simply have been too many instances, of overseas investors paying inappropriately high and unnecessary margins of value.

Fluent in Mandarin and Cantonese, and with a cross cultural understanding, I am in a position on behalf of Charter to assist clients with their real needs and to reassure them as to the appropriateness and common sense of engaging an independent specialist to assist their decisions.  We adhere to high levels of compliance, audit, and review, and are able to move quickly to provide clients with full information to enable them to have a competitive negotiating position rather than being either ill informed, or delayed in processing due diligence too slowly.

A strong personal relationship is considered absolutely fundamental with all of our clients and it is important they feel welcome to come to the office at any time for discussions in general or to explore how we may be of assistance.  At Charter we like to know as much about our clients’ property affairs as possible and encourage the widening of our relationship well beyond just specific engagements.  Discussions about the market, an awareness of the opportunities that they are seeking and regular meetings to discuss strategy and changing market conditions are all important.  I ensure that clients receive all the Market Research that the firm provides and of course we are happy to extend those services to associates who may also like to be included.

My role is to be available at all times, to pursue and to facilitate the introduction of our firm and its range of services to local and incoming Asian clients. I operate both from our Melbourne and Sydney Offices, and depending on circumstances I am happy to travel internationally as may be required.  So far as I am aware, there is not another organisation in Australia with the range of services that Charter has to offer in conjunction with somebody appointed to a role such as mine and accordingly we consider ourselves to be in a unique position to attend to the needs of Asian clients better than any other independent property consultant.

Please make a note of my name and role at Charter and remember that I am here at the very least as a first point of contact if you are not sure which of my executive colleagues are appropriate for your needs.  I will ensure, that in responding to any enquiries, the right person will be made available, and that I personally will be involved to follow through and ensure satisfaction with our services.