In uncharted waters we can help set your course.

April 2020

As part of our ongoing response to COVID-19, Charter has remained vigilant in maintaining the safety of our staff and our clients. Charter is being led through this pandemic by its Managing Director Peter Hutchins, and an Emergency Response Management Team to ensure that we can continue to provide the level of service that you expect from us.

We have our own COVID-19 Protocols in place and will comply with any additional protocols which our clients require. We are deeply committed to our clients and will consider innovative ways to provide our services whilst adhering to Government restrictions.

At this stage in time, our approach to providing our services to our clients is as follows.

Banking & Finance, Lawyers, Vendors, Government
Our clients in these sectors will remain active throughout all stages of shutdown as essential services to the Australian people and economy – we are an important adviser to these sectors. We remain open for business and ready to service your needs. Our practitioners are available to discuss any of your property related queries as we work together toward a stabalised future for all Australians.

Property Investors, Tenants, Corporates & Businesses, Institutions
When facing uncertainty regarding any of your assets, leases or portfolios, Charter is here to guide your journey through these uncharted waters. With 50 years of in depth market analysis experience, we have worked with many long standing clients through the highs and lows of economic cycles, in these unprecedented times, we will help to steer you toward renewed growth.

Town Planners, Developers, Accountants & Receivers, Architects
With many of our clients and partners within these sectors, we are intrinsically entwined with project outcomes spanning across all asset classes and industries. Charter is continuing work on active projects, in addition to taking on new projects and reporting engagements. With all practitioners enabled to work virtually, we continue to operate in this space.

Are Our Offices Closed?
No, our virtual office environment remains open for business unless otherwise directed by the Government to support our clients.

All Charter staff remain contactable by email and phone as we are here to respond to you ongoing needs.

We know that these are unprecedented times and unimaginably challenging for all of our clients, and we are here to support you in the ways that we know best, through innovative intellect and dedicated work.

“We are all in this together and together we will get through this crisis”.

One thing is certain; this Pandemic will pass and the Charter spirit, intellect, friendship, innovation and client goodwill will be in full bloom again.

Please reach out to us should you wish to discuss your property assets or the industry.