Charter Keck Cramer “going great distances for clients” – excerpt from Growing with Asia Discussion Paper by Asialink Business

Case Study – Charter Keck Cramer

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The changing nature of the property market is something Charter Keck Cramer has come to deeply understand over the past 45 years of operation within the Australian property market.

Charter Keck Cramer was first established as a Valuations firm in Melbourne, Australia, in the early 1970’s, during their time in businesses they have expanded and diversified in service offering extensively. Charter is now providing strategic property advice to clients locally, nationally and internationally across Valuations, Advisory, Research and Strategy, Projects, and Capital.

In 2015 Charter appointed Ivan Lam, Head of International Business, to ensure that international clients had a direct line into the business who was highly skilled, experienced, and independent as part of Charters team with regards to capital investment into the Australian property market. This gave Charter’s clients a resources to assist in their investment process and strongly guard their ultimate investment.

“Our international reach is in response to our belief in the importance now and growing success of the relationship between Australia and Asia” — Peter Hutchins, Managing Director

The pathway to opening an office in Singapore was organic with the growing number of relationships and clients from the ASEAN Region through Ivan and Peter’s business development, and was adopted with enthusiasm and strategic development through the Executive Board in 2017.

Being on the ground in Singapore has allowed Charter to further develop and support the strategic needs of its clients both locally and internationally, its capacity to be the safe pair of hands facilitating clients growth into the Australian property market has been amplified in strength.

Hiring talent that can operate between countries and cultures

Charter has been in the recruitment process to appoint its first on the ground resource for a number of months, whilst appointing someone was crucial in providing the best service to clients, that quality of service can only come from appointing the right person. Charter’s goal was to ensure that the appointment would have client skills and industry experience, along with local knowledge, local relationships and work experience in both countries.

Charter was pleased to appoint Brynner Loke as Deputy Head – International Business (Asia) for its Singapore office in November 2018. Brynner undertook a summer internship program at Charter’s Melbourne office whilst completing his Masters Degree at an Australian University.

Structuring a business that grows with its clients

Charter has grown in conjunction with our clients’ needs for our services, establishing a Singaporean office has formed part of national and international expansion taking place as Charter grows in partnership with its clients.

We can see that the greatest benefit comes to our clients when Charter is engaged before an investment decision has been made, as we can guide them through the process and towards the assets of greatest long term value. Charter is part of the deal structuring, execution, and as a long term property partner.

Charter Singapore is presently offering services that are conducive to to safely and productively facilitate investment into Australian property.

With a deep understanding of the critical linkages between planning policy, property markets and property industry dynamics Charter provides the perspective and foresight needed to deliver investment into our markets.

“We speak the same language” – Ivan Lam, Head of International Business

Understanding the importance of culture for the breadth of International client’s Charter Keck Cramer has, Charter gave its staff training on appropriate cultural practices in the ASEAN Region  — from handling business cards, to how to have a meal.

Additionally, with Ivan having the ability to communicate about core property in multiple languages means that our Chinese clients can talk extensively with Ivan about their property and investment options.

“Sitting in a business presentation, I understand at a different level to a translator what is meant. I understand the clients better and they understand me better too. Many of the big companies still rely on translators, says Ivan.