Oakleigh carpark study and redevelopment strategy

Charter assessed the realistic options for eight Council owned car parks in Oakleigh to guide Council in its future land development strategy

Charter analysed the future development potential of eight car parks within the Oakleigh Activity Centre and prepared a Development Options Report for the Council land that provided a practical, realistic and economically feasible development strategy.

The study, undertaken in conjunction with Hassell, explored the options for the staging of development with a number of potential land uses identified that would be economically viable within the new five to ten years.

A number of development schemes for each of the carpark sites were prepared. In some instances the schemes were not initially viable and Charter made suggestions to improve viability.


Charter provided a practical, realistic and economically feasible development strategy for each Council asset.

The “do nothing” option was recommended occasionally where the sites were too small and the cost to construct replacement carparking elsewhere was more than the potential revenue generated from a sale.

Critically for Council, Charter also provided advice in relation to how the carpark sites could be developed in partnership with the private sector, and how the developments should be staged to minimise temporary carparking loss, while still meeting the demands of the development industry.