50 years of trust and innovation culminated in a new age of agility.

March 2021

2020 was as challenging as it was transformational. The way we live, work, and enjoy life evolved in ways we might never have previously imagined.

In light of these changes, the Charter team has welcomed 2021 with determination, and enhanced agility in how we work.

Like most organisations, Charter transitioned to remote working last year, however rather than migrating back to a traditional style of working, we have embraced an innovative way of working.

Since vacating Level 19, 8 Exhibition Street, we have taken an interim flexible-working space at Level 22, 8 Exhibition Street. We have also established alternative work and meeting locations across the city fringe. This hub and spoke model will keep Charter’s team and clients both safe and connected throughout H1 of 2021.

We are working to inform our future ways of working; the needs of our staff and clients and what will shape our workplace. Through the exploration of innovative digital solutions and how these can support us in a modern workplace, we are on the path to creating a dynamic and engaging workspace for our employees that welcomes our clients.

Peter Hutchins
Chief Executive
Our Experts

Peter Hutchins

Chief Executive
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Nick Ashton

Managing Director | Victoria
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Aarti Raniga

Chief Legal & Risk Officer
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Bennett Wulff

Managing Director | New South Wales
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Andrew Binney

National Director
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