Robert Papaleo

Robert Papaleo

National Executive Director

Robert Papaleo joined Charter in 1997 to establish the Strategic Research business unit and was appointed a Director in 2002.

Robert has undertaken major engagements for both Private and Public sector Clients. Robert’s diversity of experience provides an appreciation of wider issues impacting upon the performance of property markets at both the macro and site-specific levels.

Professional Background

Academic qualifications and relevant industry associations:

Bachelor of Planning and Design (Planning) (Hons.) – The University of Melbourne (1994).
Bachelor of Business (Property) (Distinction) – RMIT (1998).
Member at Property Council of Aust (Vic) Committees for Research, Economic Development Taskforce and Committee, Residential Developers and Planning (1999 – Present).
Member of Reference Group – Victorian Retail Planning Policy Review, representative of Property Council of Australia (2007 – 2009).


Property Research & Strategic Market Analysis;
Project Assessment & Development Advice;
Economic Planning Policy Analysis;
Expert Witness.

Property sectors specialisations:

Mixed Use;
Apartments and Medium Density;
Greenfield Residential Estates;
Infrastructure & Urban Renewal.

Conference, Seminar and Other Presentations

Robert frequently provides keynote presentations and media commentary about various residential and commercial property related matters


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